The California Energy Efficiency Industry Council (Efficiency Council) is an industry trade group representing non-utility companies that provide energy efficiency services and products in California. Our member companies employ thousands of people supporting the efficient use of energy in California and throughout the world. We represent a wealth of knowledge, experience and dedication focused on improving our energy efficiency infrastructure and our environment.





CEEIC Annual Conference: New Frontiers in Energy Efficiency

November 13, 2014

Berkeley, CA


The energy efficiency industry is a Boon for the State's Economy


Leading Voices Support the Efficiency Council


“In California, where energy efficiency is the first-choice resource at the top of the loading order, the time has long been ripe for the state’s efficiency businesses to come together with an effective voice. Just as efficiency is the ultimate ‘no-regrets’ policy that makes sense for both economic and environmental reasons, the Efficiency Council is also a no-brainer for the companies that will help rebuild our economy while playing a critical part in addressing the climate challenge.”

-        President Michael Peevey, California Public Utilities Commission


“Energy efficiency is California's number one priority. Since the 1970s, California has pioneered energy efficiency through standards and continues to find new and innovative ways to reduce electricity and natural gas consumption. Energy-savings standards for television, lighting, and plug load are some good examples of this at work. Simply put, the cheapest kilowatt hour is the kilowatt hour that is never used. Efficiency projects also mean California jobs! Clean technology jobs comprise more than two percent of all jobs in California. Since every dollar invested in clean technology yields up to four times the jobs as fossil fuels, it is critical to support the growth of the efficiency industry organizations like the California Energy Efficiency Industry Council and other businesses that help California in its efficiency leadership.”

-        Chair Robert Weisenmiller, California Energy Commission


“As an employment strategy energy efficiency wins hands down. The Efficiency Council brings together the full range of businesses providing energy efficiency goods & services, creating green jobs and protecting all of us against rising energy prices.  Given California’s worldwide leadership in efficiency, it makes perfect sense that this sector finally has an association to effectively represent themselves and strengthen efficiency policies economy wide.”

-        Assemblymember Nancy Skinner, California Legislature, AD 14


“California has been at the forefront of energy efficiency for decades, out-performing all other states in the nation. California is still the land of opportunity, particularly for businesses that can see the gold hidden in new ideas, technologies, and daily practices, as well as the local talent hungry to provide the expertise to advance the way we do business. The Efficiency Council recognizes that a vigorous economy and green business practices go hand in hand, and works to connect businesses with the resources they need to run a sustainable enterprise – moving the state, and the nation, toward energy independence, job growth and air quality improvement.”

-        Mary Nichols, Chairman, California Air Resources Board


“The businesses that help Californians save energy in their homes and businesses are an important and quickly growing part of our economy. Not only do they save people money on their energy bills, they also play a vital role in California’s efforts to fight global warming and jumpstart the new economy. The Efficiency Council is a much-needed group, as its member companies provide real-life examples of the innovation and green jobs we need – the most promising engines to build a clean, safe, secure energy future for California and the United States.”

-        Senator Fran Pavley, California Legislature, SD 23


“Energy efficiency is developing rapidly as a business sector in this state.  The California Energy Efficiency Industry Council will accelerate this movement, something we can all support.”

-        Nicole Biggart, Director, UC Davis Energy Efficiency Center


“For more than thirty years now, California has urgently needed a broadly-based and effectively led coalition to represent the nation’s most productive energy efficiency delivery system, and the California Energy Efficiency Industry Council feels like an answered prayer.”

-        Ralph Cavanagh, Energy Program Co-Director, Natural Resources Defense Council


“The opportunities and benefits of energy efficiency are very broad yet they are under-represented historically. The Efficiency Council plays a unique role in helping California's emerging efficiency businesses build their businesses through better policies and better visibility in the marketplace.”

-        Bob Epstein, Co-Founder, Environmental Entrepreneurs